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Media Loft. Independent European Media

Facts and Figures

  • Located in  Amsterdam

  • Founded in 2020

  • Available in Russian and English (Ukrainian version is in progress)

  • Target audience: Russian speakers in Europe: immigrants, expats, refugees, political emigrants from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc.

  • Audience reach: more than 3 million/month (see stats below).

  • International team: 25+ journalists and freelancers originally from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus etc.


  • Russian is spoken by 200 million people around the world. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, often less obviously Israel or Bulgaria.
  • At least 5 million refugees from Ukraine and moreless 1 million emigrants from Russia have entered Europe in 2022.  They have become a visible part of the local community.
  • These emigrants need help with integration as well as objective information in their own language.
  • On the other hand, the European community needs help in adapting the millions of newcomers quickly and efficiently. 


  • Victoria Hoogland (Netherlands) founded Media Loft in early 2020 using  own funds.
  • ​Her primary goal was to make a significant contribution to the Russian-speaking community in Europe, provide them with quality information, and help them to integrate and adapt to new communities.
  • From early 2020 until the end of 2022 the resource was funded with 85% family capital and 15% advertisers.
  • After 24 February 2022 Media Loft took an active anti-war stance, which led to:
    - A high risk to the personal safety of the team: in Russia the penalty for an antiwar stance can be up to 15 years.
    -The exiting of advertisers.
    - A decrease in funding.  Victoria Hoogland  lost more than 50% of her family  capital in Russia.
  • At the same time because of the high degree of trust that the Media Loft brand has earned, media coverage has grown at a rapid pace.
  • As of October 2022, Instagram alone had a reach of 3 million accounts with 60,000 followers (stats below).

​We at Media Loft define our mission as to aid the:

Respectful integration of Russian-speaking immigrants into European communities by focusing on democratic European values  

 How exactly?

  1. Inform objectively, no propaganda
  2. Recognizing democratic European values  
  3. Unite Russian-speaking Europeans by creating a friendly community
  4. Protect freedom of speech, orientation, and movement 
  5. Support those who had to immigrate to Europe involuntarily 

 Media Loft context

News:  daily information and digests of foreign press. No propaganda, no fake news

Emigration: how to move to a European country safely

Integration: the immigrant crisis, how to look for work, adapting to the new culture, practical country guides.

European values/ rights protection: LGBT+ , feminism, national minorities, human rights, refugees, child protection

Education: we publish extracts from books about European countries 

Community: successful stories, events (concerts, lectures)  in Europe,  networking

Video: documentaries in russian subtitled in English on all of the topics covered above.

Media Loft in numbers:

  • More than 400 articles 
  • Instagram: 57,000 followers, 3 000,000 reach/month (October 2022). See the stats below.
  • Youtube: 5,200 subscribers, 504,873 total views 
  • Website: 30 000 views/month
  • Telegram: 24 000 subscribers

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