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Event/The Netherlands

"Happy Day." Premiere of an Ukrainian-language anterprise performance in Amsterdam on 17 March


On March the 17th, the capital of the Netherlands will host the premiere of the play "Happy Day" by Ukrainian anterprise. The leading roles will be played by Kateryna Kuznetsova, Mykhailo Pshenychny and Lyubava Grzeshnova.

Media Loft is the organizer and main media sponsor.

The play "Happy Day" tells a rather trivial story in an unexpected and original way. A husband-to-be on the eve of their wedding disappears after a stag party and does not answer the phone. His fiancée tries to find him and begins her search with... his ex-wife's flat. And that's when the plot suddenly twists.

"Completely different characters, each with their own personality and drama but also incredibly touching and funny, will tell you a romantic story about love, relationships, friendship and, of course, touch on the eternal theme - men and women", as the organizers announce the play.

One of the main roles in the play is played by the famous Ukrainian actress Kateryna Kuznetsova. Katerina has lived in Moscow for a long time, but after the war started she left Russia and publicly opposed the invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine.

Kuznetsova is well known to Russian-speaking viewers for her role in the popular TV series "Kitchen", where she starred alongside actor Dmitry Nazarov, who also publicly condemned the war in Ukraine.

Kateryna Kuznetsova in the series "Kitchen"

In September, the streaming service START announced that Kateryna Kuznetsova would not appear in the second season of the series "Vampires of the Midlands". Fans of the actress were outraged by her sudden replacement and speculated that Kuznetsova's "disappearance" from the project was due to her active political stance.

Currently, Katerina Kuznetsova publishes posts on social networks in support of Ukraine and calls on the international community to help the country.

Her partner Mikhailo Pshenychnyi, a graduate of the Kiev National Karpenko-Kary University of Theatre, Film and Television, was recognised at the beginning of his career as a performer of many leading roles in Russian and Ukrainian love dramas.

Mikhailo Pshenychnyi

Since 2007, Pshenychnyi has played about 30 roles, including My Friend's Bride, the mini-series Pandora's Box and Serge Avedikian and Elena Fetisova's film Paradzhanov.

Pshenichny has also starred in many TV series, including If You're Not With Me, A Glimpse From The Past, I Know Your Secrets, Casanova's Earring, Piece of cake, and Wounded Heart. He also starred in My Alien Child (2016).

Ukrainian actress Lyubava Grzeshnova also joined the main cast of Happy Day.

Lyubava has participated in TV projects such as: "Glory" (2014), "Beautiful Life" (2014), "Give Me Back My Love" (2015) and "Almond Taste of Love" (2016). She also played Sofia Razumovskaya in the historical series "Catherine. Rise" (2017).

Lyubava Grzeshnova in the series "Catherine. Rise"

The Dutch premiere of Happy Day will take place at 7 p.m. at the Podium Mozaiek Theatre in Amsterdam.

Ticket sales will start on the 27th of February

Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Kiwi volunteer team, which collects humanitarian aid for victims of Russian shelling in Ukraine.

The performance will be performed in Ukrainian.


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