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Event/The Netherlands

"Humour is needed today more than ever". Actors in a Ukrainian production tell us why they chose the comedy to be shown to their fellow countrymen in European venues


On March the 17th in Amsterdam there will be premier show of play "Happy Day" by Ukrainian entreprise. The organiser and main media sponsor is Media Loft. Katya Kobienok talked to the main actors Kateryna Kuznetsova, Liubava Grzeshnova and Mykhaylo Pshenychnyi.

The play "Happy Day" tells a rather trite story in an unexpected and original manner. The future husband disappears on the eve of his wedding after a stag party and doesn't answer his phone. His fiancée tries to find him and begins her search with... his ex-wife's flat. And that's where the plot suddenly twists.

Tickets can be purchased here.

Lubava Grzeshnova: "People forbade themselves to smile for the first six months of the war"

"My relatives were under occupation for almost half a year. Now the main thing that I have understood is that you have to go on living, you have to be useful, you have to look for new ways - both in self-expression and in creativity. You need to look for a new self, create a new self, and most importantly - to be useful, to be useful to Ukraine, to be useful to our army."

Lyubava speaks with great warmth about her native Kharkiv. She remembers how she cried when she learned that the city had been liberated in September last year.

"It's an amazing emotion, it's worth a lot. The people of Kharkiv are incredibly strong people. Kharkiv lives, Kharkiv works, and I even have another creative collaboration with a Kharkiv clothing brand. They live there, they produce, they create, you understand?

And there are a lot of people like that who are rebuilding themselves and restoring their hometown after the liberation.

"I am sure that after the victory it will be one of the most blooming, strong and beautiful cities. It was in great condition before the war, restored, new - and I am sure it will only get better. We believe that, and we are doing everything we can to make it so," says the actress.

Lubava Grzeshnova
Photo: Instagram

"We want to give joy to those countrymen who are now in Europe, who can't go back to their home, who find it hard and sometimes lonely. Just to put them in a good mood and make their evening a little warmer."

"People for the first six months of the war... we didn’t even let ourselves smile. Then gradually we began to come to our senses and remember to live, fight and get back on our feet".

The actress recalls that she was involved in several productions with a "hard" subject at the beginning of the war.

"We saw how hard it was for the audience to dive from one misery to another. It was very relevant at the time. But at some point it seemed to us that people just needed to experience at least a couple of hours of emotion.... of joy, of simple human joy."

After that, Lubava started taking part in more fun, lighter productions.

"And people who have left the occupied zones, who are in a difficult situation, they come up to us and say: 'Thank you. This is the first time we've had a hearty laugh in a very long time." And it was very important for people. Then we saw how valuable it is, how people want to receive positive emotions, to be infected with this positive spirit and heal their souls a little and cheer up.

Talking about her character Tatiana, Lyubava described her as a desperately loving woman who is ready to go the extra mile.

"Such characters often make mistakes. The play will demonstrate this, because going head over heels is not always good, and it certainly doesn't always end well. But, Tatiana loves too desperately and fights too desperately for her happiness. And she does it in a very funny, charming and even funny way."

Kateryna Kuznetsova: "At such a difficult time, we really need the humour”

"We decided to do it in a good, funny, interesting, musical way because everybody is going through a very hard time. There's a need for humour and some kind of relaxation and fun. We would very much like it if after the performance people went home smiling and singing music from the play, which is very lively," says Kateryna Kuznetsova. She lived and worked in Moscow for a long time, but after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the actress left Russia, speaking out against the invasion of Russian troops.

Kateryna Kuznetsova
Photo: Instagram

After the performance, Katerina and the rest of the cast would like to meet the audience, take pictures, talk and answer questions.

"I want to give people a human story, warmth and a chance to talk to each other. Meeting your fellow countryman in another country, it's always nice, it's a very bright and valuable feeling."

"Because the guys and I are very good friends in life, we worked together in the play as well. We understood right away that everyone has the right to express this or that wish. We are doing one big thing, we want to make the production as good as possible, so we haven't had any difficulties at all," says Katerina.

After the performance in Amsterdam, the artists will be delighted to present the production at other venues in European cities.

"It's just a question of distribution. In discussing organisational issues, we are open, we are ready. So we will look at the situation, what will be the reaction from the distributors, from the audience", says Katerina.

After leaving Russia, Katerina Kuznetsova settled in Spain and likes to talk about the local culture.

"Spaniards are united by a great love for life and each other. Probably that's why they have so many different holidays, carnivals, all sorts of family events, they love life, they love recreation and fun. This is new to me. I have always worked very hard, often neglecting leisure. It is worth learning from the Spaniards the art of appreciating rare carefree moments".

Mikhailo Pshenichny: "As Nikulin said: "When you smile, one germ dies in the body"

"My character is so... a bit ridiculous with his stupidities, his mistakes. But he has positive sides: he learns, he negotiates, he compromises, he wants to become a better person, he is willing to change, he listens and hears", says Mikhailo.

Mikhailo Pshenichny
Photo: Instagram

"Right now many people suffer because of their inability to talk about problems, their inability to compromise, their inability to love, their inability to apologise. And we want to show that it's possible and it's not scary or shameful, as many people think. In fact, it's not that hard to say sorry."

"We want people to be able to relax and get pleasant emotions, feelings that are very much missing now; for them to call their friends, wives, husbands, to meet, talk, go for a walk after the show. Just let go of all the bad stuff."

"As Nikulin used to say: 'When you smile, one germ dies in the body' - and it's true."

Interview by: Katya Kobenok

Event/The Netherlands

"Happy Day." Premiere of an Ukrainian-language anterprise performance in Amsterdam on 17 March


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