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Event/Ukraine/the Netherlands

"Let at least one bullet fly by." BG performed the legendary "Golden City" in The Hague


On the 2nd of June Boris Grebenshchikov's charity concert was held in The Hague, Netherlands.

Trendz Europe was a media sponsor of the event and broadcasted the concert online on its channel.

Our correspondent Irina Iakovleva told us about the concert.

"The arrival of BG to Netherlands is a significant event, but isn’t anything out of the ordinary. Its significance however, lies in the fact that this concert was organized in support of Ukraine, and it was openly announced on the billboards.

The purpose of the fundraiser was to buy medicines and ambulances.  

For a citizen of a country that now draws up protocols even for expressive silence, this is quite a brave step - even for a maestro. Boris Grebenshchikov has been living in London for two and a half years, but now it is unlikely he will be able to visit Russia, even for concerts.

The star of the evening, of course, was flutist Brian Finnegan, who came on stage in an embroidered vest with Ukrainian coat of arms and masterly braided the whole hall with his silvery melody.

The concert programme encompassed practically all the periods of Boris Grebenshchikov's creativity. From only a month ago his "Sortilege" to - you will not believe it! - "My Golden City".

"We haven't sung this song in twenty years," Boris Borisych said. - But if it helps to stop even one bullet, we'll sing it."

The entire crowd enthusiastically embraced the immortal hit of the 80's from the first note.

Before intermission, the band performed the philosophical "Mahamaya" - surprising the crowd with its unusual combination of music and light.

"If Mahamaya is gracious to you, she will show you wonderful illusions," Grebenshchikov said. - If you have special trust, she will let you see what is real.

After the concert, a photo shoot was organized, including volunteers and press.

BG came out to the waiting fans and immediately stated:

- You tell me what to do. I'll sign everything, I'll take a photo with everybody, give me a marker.

True to his word, indeed he willingly signed any concert posters handed out by the organizers.

He refused only once, when a ten euro note was slipped in for him to sign:

"I've never signed for money in my life, don't even get me started."

After the photo shoot, I couldn't help myself and, without the slightest twist of heart, blurted out a platitude:

- I've been listening to your songs since childhood!

- Thank you, - replied the master mechanically.

- You must have been told that a hundred times?

- Not at all, much more.

- But it's a pleasure every time?

- Certainly! - BG smiled.

I took the poster too and asked: "Write me something to your taste."

- Why "something"? - Boris Borisych wondered. - I'll write what is really needed.

And he confidently wrote: "Joy to you. B.G."


Photos by: Evgeniy Minakov and Ludmila Mayorova

Boris Grebenshchikov:

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