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“Uncurable me” - a new documentary film from MediaLoft about the fate of LGBT+ people in Russia premiered on Youtube


"Uncurable me" is the second significant collaboration between Nikita Lojk and Medialoft.

The first documentary, Beyond the Rainbow, about the lives of LGBT refugees in Europe, was made in early 2022 and is available on Medialoft's Youtube channel.

Premiere screenings of the film “Uncurable me” took place in Lisbon, Amsterdam (held in collaboration with the activist group LGBT World Beside), Berlin, Barcelona, Vilnius and Tallinn in June-July 2023.

From November 17, the film is available on the Media Loft Youtube channel. In the first two weeks, it received more than 200 thousand views.

The film was filmed in the Netherlands, Armenia and Russia. Contains English subtitles.

A pilgrimage to Iran, psychiatric hospitals, Orthodox monasteries, Caucasian prisons and genie exorcism sessions - the fantasy of people who believe that orientation is fixable, unfortunately, knows no bounds.

In 2020, the UN special expert on sexual orientation and gender identity, Victor Madrigal-Borloz, stated that so-called "conversion therapy" can and should be equated to torture because of the long-term psychological and physical harm to LGBT people.

Still from the film Uncurable me

"Conversion therapy is based on the belief that people with non-traditional sexual orientation and gender identity are inferior - morally, spiritually or physically - and must necessarily correct their inferiority," says Madrigal-Borloz.

Children and adolescents are most often subjected to such "procedures" at the initiative of their parents or guardians. According to an AJPH study, such experiences more than double the risk of suicide.
Other negative consequences include PTSD, depression, self-hatred, guilt and shame, isolation and repeated suicide attempts.

Still from the film Uncurable me


According to an annual ranking by European human rights organisation ILGA-Europe, in 2022, Russia ranked among the last on the continent in terms of political and legal protection of the rights of LGBTQ+ people.

On 15 June, it became known that Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to establish an institute on the basis of the Federal Centre for Psychiatry to study the behaviour of LGBTQ+ people.

On June 29, 2023, The Moscow Times reported that psychoneurological dispensaries and polyclinics in Russia will establish sexologist offices starting from July 1st. These offices aim to provide assistance to individuals "suffering from mental disorders related to sexual development and orientation."

According to the document, sexologists will support patients with disorders related to sexual development, sexual identity, sexual preferences, as well as those facing "family and sexual disharmonies" and sexual dysfunctions.

The order also mentions the possibility of employing "compulsory medical measures" in collaboration with a psychiatrist (cited by The Moscow Times).

On November 17, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation filed an application with the Supreme Court demanding that the international public LGBT movement be recognized as extremist and its activities banned in the country.

“In the activities of the LGBT movement operating on the territory of the Russian Federation... various signs and manifestations of an extremist orientation have been identified, including the incitement of social and religious activities,” the department’s website reports.

The Supreme Court will hear the lawsuit on November 30.

Still from the film Uncurable me

The poster in Russian and English can be downloaded here